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Submission Rules:
  1. Newest update Posts can contain premium download links, but they must have at least one free download link.
  2. You have to be whitelisted in order to submit links. Find out your Website-Status.
  3. Link directly to the content web page, not your main page. And do not submit demo or shareware content.
  4. Do not directly link to the downloadable files.
    (Please link to the file via a webpage and submit the webpage to us.)
  5. Do not manipulate the content web page after it has been added.
    (This includes altering the links, redirection, time delayed redirection to your main page or a sponsor, etc.)
    Update your offline-files are welcome
  6. No frame-breaking JavaScript, Java or ActiveX plug-ins, install scripts on the website.
  7. No extrem use of pop-unders whatsoever. THE KATZDDL BUTTON MUST BE CLICKABLE!!
    (Interstitials, layer-ads and other such full-page ads without any reload time are forbidden.)
  8. Limit your submissions to 350 per day.
    (Excessive and duplicate submissions are automatically rejected.)
  9. Do not submit the same URLs again, unless they've been deleted from KatzDDL.ws Downloads.
    This includes the use of "Multi-domains!" Do not submit the same release with the same download url. One time is enough!
  10. Never EVER use words in complete CAPITALS in your content title.
    (Eg: "Microsoft Windows XP" must not be "MICROSOFT WINDOWS XP" or "Microsoft WINDOWS XP".)
    (Note: Acronyms/abbreviations are exempt from this rule.)
  11. Forum Sites: No forced registration allowed. Make that forum category visible to guests.
    (Download links [and passwords] must be viewable by guests without having to register or reply to that topic i.e. no hide hack.)
  12. Download links on the submissions must be clearly visible (large font size + bold + in English).
    (Users must not have to click/follow instructions in order to gain access to the download link(s).)
  13. Supported File Hosts. Please check our search mask to find all supported file hosts.
    Attend also our Rule of Basic Guidelines
  14. URL masking and timed redirection services containing advertising are not allowed.
    (Eg: lix.in, adfly, usercash, linkcrypt, rapidleecher, etc.)
  15. Submissions must not contain fake/misleading links.
    (For instance, if the link title is "New version of [content title]", "Mirror of [content title]", "Fast Mirror: [1]",
    "Mirror @ [name]" etc., it must be genuine.)
  16. Your site and submissions must follow these Best Practices:
    !! READ THOROUGHLY !!  »  Best Practices (Download Titles)  «  !! READ THOROUGHLY !!
  17. Select "XXX" as the type for all Porn and Adult Submissions (Movies, Galleries, etc.)
    (This includes all submissions containing nudity, Wallpapers, Games, Magazines.)
  18. Gay and Shemale related content must be special marked at the end of the submission-title.
    (Eg: "The gay movie title" must be "The gay movie title [GAY]" or "The shemale movie title [SHEMALE]".)
  19. Porn submissions must contain at least 5MB worth of movies or 20 photos minimum.
    (All photos must belong to the same photoset – must not be a random set of photos.)
  20. Adult submissions containing photos/videos/movies must be accompanied by screencaps/screenshots/box covers which are displayed on the page. Listing the URL alone of the thumbnail(s) is not allowed.
  21. No BitTorrent, eDonkey, Magnet or similiar links.

Last updated: 16.11.2016 Contact us with any queries.
Reciprocal Linking Rules:
  1. All websites submitting to KatzDDL.ws Downloads must link to KatzDDL.ws Downloads from their webpages.
  2. The KatzDDL.ws Partner-button must be displayed in ALL sections/subpages of your website.
  3. Our Site Ratings are calculated based on incoming traffic from your website.
  4. We may request websites to increase the size of their reciprocal link, if deemed inadequate.

Last updated: 16.11.2016 HTML code for the buttons can be found here.



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Violation of the above Submission or Reciprocal Linking rules will result in your website being removed from whitelist.
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